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Do we really know the meaning of it? Most of us simply say “yes” don’t we? However, how many of us know the real meaning of it? there are a lot of definitions to it and you may google it and get to know about it from different perspectives. So let’s talk about “Mother Nature” and how “I feel it?” I’m sure that, it’ll be a mutually beneficial discussion.

Who We Are?

The human body is the most sophisticated chemical factory in the universe where all the cells are connected with billions of neurons system controlled by the brain. 

Essentially our behaviour patterns different from each other. Why? Because of our gene which consist of all our own historical archival for millions of years back. It has recorded all the experiences it had and change accordingly over time with evolution. Hence, you and me should have different perspective for the same matter. Fair enough! 

Let’s go to the basic. We all are physical beings with consciousness. The physical body is made up with flesh consist of trillions of cells which are inter connected by their own ways. Do we know without our consciousness our body takes its own decisions for billions of activities that are taken place in our body per day? do you ever think about it? That’s how our own gene has been gathered and recorded the best mechanism to suite our body and its survival.

From a seed to infant to elderly human  are fed by the nature. Essentially whatever eatables. Either flesh or vegetables and fruits. All those are fed by the nature. Whatever we eat does not change us from human. Even if we eat dog food we don’t become a dog. That’s how our system is built.  Hope its clear. 

We live on the earth or else we could stay on the soil  most often. It includes water too as its the surface to keep and have the water. It is clear that the soil is the source all the beings are being fed. Hence, keep the soil as it is without spoiling it by pouring various sort of chemicals is paramount important for all of us. Why?

It is obvious that we can just part and parcel of the soils fundamentally. The chemical we poured to the soil comes to us in different forms as foods and water. It is proven that “what we reap is what you sow”. You eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions.

Healthy soils brigs health to all of our lives. Let’s join with organic farming to save the mother nature.